This Taco Bell Just Might Become The First To SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES With Its Tacos


If you've ever thought your Taco Bell Quesarito would go great with a nice cold brew, those dreams might not be too far away.

Our friends at Eater reported that there's a new Taco Bell opening in Chicago, which isn't super exciting news in itself, but when you hear that the location's management applied for a liquor license, then the opening gets interesting.

According to Bloomberg, this isn't the restaurant's first crack at serving alcohol as it wanted to incorporate Beer Milkshakes to the menu of its bougie sister restaurant, US Taco Co., in Southern California. Their plans to have taco-beer pairings just never became a reality.


A Taco Bell spokesperson told Thrillist that they could neither confirm, nor deny that the Chicago Taco Bell would be selling alcohol, which is a whole lot better than a dream-crushing "no."

So, for those who crave a beer with their Doritos Locos Tacos, it's still a possibility that you'll be able to get both from Taco Bell someday.

Featured photo was taken by Foodbeast and is not an official Taco Bell photo in any way.