Can You Handle A Parfait So Huge It Comes In A Beer Pitcher?

Photo: SoraNews24


Imagine a parfait that ditches all sense of norms and chooses to be served in a beer pitcher due to its gargantuan size. That's what's going on at Hida no Takayama Ramen in Tokyo, Japan according to SoraNews24, where they have on the menu the Super Colossal Mega Parfait.

This mammoth of a parfait really does come served in a beer pitcher and includes an assortment of fruit, at least three popsicles protruding from it, layers of ice cream, and crunch corn flakes. It's said that the Super Colossal Mega Parfait is made for a serving of three people, but know that this is a safe space if you choose to smash on this monumental mouthful yourself.

At a reasonably priced 2,500 yen (US$22.70), this could be the cheat day of all cheat days for any person or crew.