Hello Kitty Pumpkin Donuts Combine All of The Internet's Favorite Things


All right internet, here’s what we’re working with: cats, donuts and pumpkin. You know what to do.

Japan’s Mister Donut – previous purveyor of the “Sushi Donut” – has seriously out-trended itself this Halloween, with a new line of special edition, pumpkin and strawberry-flavored, Hello Kitty jack o’ lantern donuts. By swapping out Kitty’s usual coy expression for an adorably toothy grin, Misdo might have just won itself at least ten – no, fifteen – internets. Plus like two more, simply because #pumpkin.



For 1,000 yen (or about $10 USD), you can also get a specially-themed box of seven of the Halloween donuts, complete with a witchy Hello Kitty plush. Now if only dressing up in a Japanese-themed costume for Halloween were enough to actually get you there, sigh.

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