Lawsuit Forces Subway To Give You 12 Inches...Of Sandwich


National sandwich chain Subway has seen some heat from consumers after certain foot longs measured in at about 11 inches. Thanks to a judge's ruling, sandwiches will be required by law to be 12 inches. Y'know, the way they're advertised.

The Associated Press reports that a judge approved the settlement of a class-action suit against the sandwich chain.

A couple years prior, a photo was posted on Facebook showing a sandwich measuring at 11 inches. This prompted an investigation that showed four out of every seven sandwiches tested in New York came in about an inch or half an inch shy of a foot long.


Subway is now required, as part of the settlement, to make sure that its sandwiches are at least 12 inches long for the next four years.

The sandwich company said, however, that the frozen dough sticks that comes into the store all weigh the same. It's when they're stretched and baked in the oven is when they begin to vary in lengths and sizes.

Photo: Subway Facebook