Subway Might Have Known About Jared's Child Obsession For Years

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A former Subway franchisee made a very strong and scary accusation Thursday, saying Subway knew about Jared Fogle's underage child problem problem since 2008.

In an interview with Business Insider, Cindy Mills, a former franchisee in Pensacola, Florida had conversations with Fogle about his sexual interest in children.

Mills had previously discussed Fogle's creepy underage Craigslist moves in anonymity, but felt comfortable putting her name out there after a plethora of Fogle's information unraveled.


With a lawyer by her side during the interview, Mills said she then talked to three different Subway advertising executives about those conversations and they did nothing about it.

She said Jared would talk about how he'd hook up with minors between the age of 9 and 16 in both the US and Thailand.

"He would just tell me he really liked them young,"- Mills told BI.

When Mills tried speaking to Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, or SFAFT, CEO Jeff Moody over the phone, she said she was essentially cut off and told to stop talking.


Mills lawyered up and tried to take Subway to court, but since he wasn't an official Subway employee, they apparently couldn't be held responsible and they couldn't find any way to take legal action.

Mills also said she couldn't contact law enforcement for fear of losing her stores, plus the fact that Jared was the squeaky-clean spokesperson and no one would believe her.

She eventually sold her franchises and got the hell away from Subway.