The Rock's Feuding With High School Students Over Cereal World Record

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson seems to have a thing for owning random Guinness World Records. You might remember when he claimed the world record for selfies taken in less than 3 minutes, or when he made a 540-pound 7-layer dip.

On November 28, Rocky claimed his 5th Guinness world record, as his Seven Bucks Production company toppled 3,006 cereal boxes in domino-like fashion, beating the old record of 2,686.


The previous record was held by seniors at H. Frank Carey High School in New York, and they didn't take too kindly to The Rock swooping in and taking their record just days after setting it. In the spirit of competition, and not letting the superstar's company punk them, they promptly took back the record by toppling 3,416 boxes.

Of course, they didn't have the fancy budget that Seven Bucks Productions had, so they actually convinced FedEx to return the 2,800 cereal boxes used the first time around, just before they were shipped out to Florida and Puerto Rico for relief.

From there, Associated Foods, who donated the cereal the first time around, donated another 614 boxes, allowing the school to reclaim the record.


To give you an idea of the maginitude of this record, the school filled the floor of the entire gym with the cereal boxes, and it took about 6 minutes for the boxes to snake around and completely topple.

Also, because I know you're wondering, the cereal will all be donated again.

Hopefully The Rock will see that this record probably means a lot more to these students and gracefully take this "L". We all know the superstar can probably get the record back, but at this point, the kids earned it.