How Much Starbucks Lattes Cost Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Coffee is the lifeblood of our modern generation. Nobody provides more of this crucial morning elixir to the world than Starbucks. The omnipresent coffee chain doesn't charge everybody the same price for a typical latte, however. That's because Starbucks lattes cost different amounts based on the economic performance of the country it's being sold in.

starbucks lattes cost

As a measure of economies around the world, the Wall Street Journal has put together a "Latte Index" that compares the price of a Starbucks latte from different countries. It's similar to what The Economist does each year with their "Big Mac Index," but with a different ubiquitous fast food item.


Foodbeast put together an infographic based on data provided by the Wall Street Journal in their piece. This map looks at different countries of the cities that were researched and price checked by the Journal. All prices are in USD equivalents.

Infographic created by Foodbeast, based on data from the Wall Street Journal


What's interesting to note from this chart is that like the "Big Mac Index," Switzerland is the country with the most expensive Starbucks latte, setting you back $5.76 USD per drink. Similarly, the cheapest beverages can be found in Egypt, at just $1.53 USD each. In comparison, the United States is roughly in the middle of the "Latte Index" at a latte cost of $3.45 USD in New York City.

There are several factors that play in to why each country has a different sale price, including taxes, cost of goods and imports, and other economic impacts. While it's a complex explanation to determine the price of a Starbucks drink in each latte, no matter the cost, we still need our caffeine fix in the morning.