Starbucks Japan's Cherry Pie Frappuccino Has A PIE CRUST Lid

A few years ago, we asked the Starbucks next door to our office if they could come up with some of the wackiest drinks possible. They came up with some of the coolest drinks we've seen behind that green and white mermaid logo. These included a Neapolitan Frappuccino and a Blueberry Breakfast Shake with a muffin top lid. While all those drinks had their fair share of sugar, it was bittersweet knowing you wouldn't be able to order at the coffee chain.

It seems Starbucks Japan is channeling those noble baristas with their new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino.


Arguably one of Starbucks' most whimsical additions, the drink features a vanilla base that's filled with bite-sized pieces of pie that sits between two layers of cherry compote. Sitting at the top of the already eye-catching drink is a pie crust dome that's filled with whipped cream.

This flaky pie crust dome solves the problem we had when our barista neighbors created that frappuccino that was topped with a muffin: it would get soggy after a certain length of time. A pie crust should absorb less liquid and maintain that crunch throughout. Especially with that layer of compote to act as a buffer.

Eager beavers need to act fast as this item is only available April 13 to May 16 for 640 yen ($5.78 USD).