Witnesses Say Mario Batali Frequented A Secret 'Rape Room' In New York's Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig is usually a destination restaurant in New York, but some pretty unsavory news has surfaced that might change your perception of it.

According to the New York Times, The Spotted Pig's owner Ken Friedman is being accused of sexual misconduct for doing inappropriate things to several former employees. Examples of the misconduct include ass-grabbing, inviting women to smoke in his car then pinning them against the car door, and pulling a woman's head toward his crotch as she picked up something off the floor.


There's levels to this story, though, as the Spotted Pig was a hangout spot for Mario Batali, who was hit with sexual misconduct allegations of his own this week.

The reason Batali falls into this story, however, is because he was often spotted on the third floor of the restaurant, which several former employees, and food industry people recognized as "The Rape Room."

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The disgustingly named room earned its name for being an extremely private, VIP lounge where anything could, and did happen. Guests were allowed to grope female servers, and employees were forced to work until the party ended, even if it went into the wee hours of the morning.

Batali was known by Spotted Pig staff as "The Red Menace," as he reportedly groped servers, made inappropriate comments about their breasts, and was even seen taking advantage of a woman who appeared to be passed out.

In the instance where Batali allegedly groped the incapacitated woman, Jamie Seet, a former Spotted Pig manager, told The Times she saw it happening through surveillance footage, and fortunately put a stop to it.


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These are allegations against not only Batali, but Friedman, with several witnesses coming forward to corroborate these accounts.

The Spotted Pig is still running business as usual, according to Grubstreet, as a staff writer dined at the restaurant after the allegations, writing her account.

We'll have to see if there are any negative repercussions for the popular, award-winning restaurant.