Spice Up The Holidays With Loaded Mashed Potato Dogs and 5 Other Hot Sausage Recipes

The holiday season is upon us and aside from all the shopping and celebrating, we all know those family get-togethers are the undisputed highlights this time of year.  No matter how big, small, or otherwise socially-distanced your shindigs are, no one should come empty handed. So, bring the fire and flavor to your next holiday dish with FUD Tapatío Smoked Sausages.

To help unleash your creativity, some of the Foodbeast family busted out their aprons and oven mitts to shake up some classic dishes starring FUD Tapatío smoked sausages.

Our very own Rudy (@rudeluv) took his love for holiday stuffing to create a FUD Tapatío smoked sausage and tortilla chip stuffing that mixed the traditional dish with the flavors and textures of chilaquiles — exceeding his own expectations.


Super mom and super chef Jenny (@happybelliesbyjenny) hit us with a spicy roundhouse kick to a holiday favorite, cooking up a huge helping spicy baked mac and cheese with FUD Tapatío sausages that’s perfect for sharing — unless you don’t want to.


Pete (@pham_bot) served up a traditional hot dog with a super easy and tasty twist, topping the grilled FUD Tapatío sausages with buttery mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon, and chives.  

The OG Elie (@bookofelie) knows how to keep it simple and delicious with a chili cheese dog pizza using FUD Tapatío sausages. To add that extra heat, he added sliced jalapeños, and a dollop of sour cream to balance the flavors.   


Alyssa (@eatwithalyssa) knew exactly what she was doing when she tossed the FUD Tapatío sausages into a Mexican style fried rice, because that warm and comforting feeling just flows through you at first bite. 

To round out the group, our (mad) food scientist, Costa (@constantine_spy) put together a FUD Tapatío twist to the classic dan dan noodles, loaded with complex flavors and textures that are guaranteed to “wow” during the holidays. 

If you’re looking to experiment with spice on your holiday dinner table, unleash your Tapatío using FUD Tapatío Smoked Sausages is an easy way to get started. These fully cooked pork and turkey links are gluten-free and available now at your local Cardenas market.