RUN: There is Now a NERDS Slush at Sonic


Each summer, Sonic rolls out 25 new shake and slush flavors. It’s magical. This year, however, the national chain decided to release 50 summer varieties, because sugar rushes are delicious. Some slushes are even inspired by candy, like the Atomic Lemon and Super Peach Ring. Yet the flavor that just might reign supreme is the Blue Raspberry made with NERDS.


Alongside the new slushes are an array of delicious shakes, from Chocolate Covered Jalapeno to Lemon Pie. If you’re craving something totally out of the box, you can create your own dessert with ingredients like cheesecake and chocolate hazelnut.

FYI: slushes are half-price from 2-4 pm and shakes are half-price after 8 pm all summer! Get on it, folks.