How To Get 50-Cent Corn Dogs At Sonic This Halloween


Halloween is here and while you're out on your spooky adventure, dodging murderous clowns and collecting candy, you're gonna get hungry. Sonic has your back with 50 cent corn dogs all day. Since the drive-in chain is open late, that literally means they'll have the corn dogs deal all day. Well, unless they run out, then you're dead ass out of luck, my guy. I called in to my local Sonic and they said there's no limit, so I'm taking that as gospel and getting 100 corn dogs later.

Who:  Sonic Drive-In

What: 50 cent corn dogs, no limit


When: All day Monday, Halloween, 2016

Where: All participating Sonic Drive-Ins

Why: Because you need to balance out the spookiness of the day with cheap food