Snoop Dogg Loses His Sh*t After Seeing How Hot Dogs Are Really Made

The hot dog-making process isn't exactly a pretty one, so it could be a little shocking watching the goopy mess for the first time. That was the case for Snoop Dogg, at least.

The rapper hosted a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, alled "Howz It Mizzade," and wasn't told what he was watching. He took a couple guesses, thinking he was watching Cream of Wheat, manure, or beef jerky being made, but once the dogs started to shape, he realized what they were.

His reaction was shock, saying: "This is a hot dog?!" He then added, "Aww, cuz, I ain't ever eating a m****f*cking hot dog!"


That's a total 180, considering he was just in a Burger King hot dog advertisement. At least now he knows what he was selling.

Snoop Dogg coming to realizations might be the best thing to watch, ever. I hope this segment transforms into a full-fledged Netflix show where Snoop watches chickens get beheaded, or surgeries take place.