10 Sneaky Food Photography Manipulation Tricks That Are Lowkey Brilliant [WATCH]

Commercial foods almost always look better than their real-life counterpart. You definitely won't get what you see on TV in most restaurant establishments, but that's only because there are some tricks to the food photography trade that a lot of consumers don't know about.

YouTube channel Top Trending created a video that highlights 10 tricks that photographers use to manipulate their food pics and videos, reports Design Taxi.


These methods include substituting glue for milk to make sure the cereal that's being highlighted doesn't come out soggy. Another trick to getting the perfect steak is cooking it in an oven rather than a grill and then painting grill marks directly onto the meat. That way you get the picture-perfect grill marks and a perfect pink interior.

Even though we know what these shots entail, we still kind of want to bite into them. Is that bad?

Check out the video to see all the other sneaky tricks you never knew were used in food advertising. It's actually pretty brilliant if you're looking to elevate your food photography game.