Snarky Indiana Brewhouse Serves 'Microwaved to Perfection' Hot Dogs To Meet New Liquor Laws


In business, it's important to stick to what you're good at. Take it from Indiana's Bank Street Brewhouse who, despite the proliferation elsewhere of haughty hipster gastropubs, knew food simply wasn't its strong suit. But when a new statute came into effect requiring that all alcohol-serving establishments also serve food, rather than shutter the business, Bank Street decided it would oblige, but in the absolute most hilarious, zero-fucks-given way possible.


The following image was posted to reddit earlier this week depicting Bank Street's special "Indiana Statutory Compliance Restaurant Menu," which, unlike your typical sriracha aioli sliders and brussels sprouts, consisted of such delicacies as "Our Famous Hotdog Sandwich" — "microwaved to perfection, including both weenie and bun, sans condiments," or "Chef Campbell's Soup of the Day," which kindly offers your choice of "whichever can is on top of the stack."



Bank Street did decide to keep the fancy gastropub up-pricing though; both those exquisite, hand-curated entrees cost $10. Probably still cheaper than a mixed drink though.

H/T + PicThx Consumerist