Japanese Students Found A Way To Hatch An Egg Out Of Its Shell [WATCH]

You can finally stop using the phrase, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" because after watching this video, posted by YouTube channel Sofa King Sick, you'll know the answer: Neither.

The video contains subtitles and describes a group of Japanese high school students hatching a chick without the use of a shell. If you're a bit skeptical, the results were actually published by Japan's Poultry Science Association back in 2014.

Even Snopes can't disprove it, calling it a "Mixture," although they pick apart the video's claim that the high schoolers were the first to do it. The video was later removed by Sofa King Sick, but we found another version posted here.


Even though you'll most likely think about eating eggs differently and possibly question everything you know about reality, at least you'll do so knowing that these students from Japan were able to recreate the biological cycle of chickens, in the comfort of their classroom!

What happened to just dissecting dead frogs?


The research notes on this experiment titled, "A Novel Shell-less Culture System for Chick Embryos Using a Plastic Film as Culture Vessels," published by the Japan Poultry Science Association provides scientific insight to the experiment's variables. The embryos were artificially fertilized and incubated and incased in a plastic surrogate container.

Science is pretty weird sometimes, and this video will probably make you say, "That's fucking weird," out loud to yourself.

If hatching shell-less chicks becomes the next bandwagon in DIY culture, count us onboard.

We would have no choice but to name our first egg-less chick, 'Shelly.'