DOPE: Seaweed Cupcake Wrappers


Fashioned for bento, those often intricate and colorful homemade Japanese lunches, these "Ready-to-eat Nori Cups" make for a clever way to pack your lunch.

Normally, the wrappers used to keep flavors separate within bento boxes are made from paper or plastic. These edible seaweed cupcake wrappers keep waste to a minimum, acting as both a container for various foods and a tasty post-lunch snack.



According to RocketNews24, the packages contain 56 cups and include small rectangular shapes, plus a dozen more small, medium and floral designs.



You can fill them with everything from cut up veggies to onigiri rice balls (below):


While we're a bit iffy on the thought of making actual cupcakes with these seaweed wrappers, we wouldn't be opposed to some type of savory cake combo. Swoop them here for your next (dessert) lunch.

Picthx RocketNews24