Say Hello To Starry, Sprite's Newest Rival Replacing Sierra Mist

Images courtesy of PepsiCo

No soda rivalry is greater than that between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. When it comes to the lemon-lime variety, however, Coca-Cola's Sprite has been the clear winner for decades.


PepsiCo is hoping to establish a worthy competitor, however, with the introduction of Starry. This lemon-lime soda will replace Sierra Mist in the drink titan's arsenal, according to CNN.


To make it stand out compared to Sprite, PepsiCo is banking on a stronger, more aromatic lime-lemon flavor. It's also attempting to make Sprite seem more old-school, as the new Starry brand will target Gen Z audiences through advertising, can designs, and their slogan, "Starry Hits Different."

Early reviews of the soda have already started to emerge on both Reddit and Twitter. The consensus is that it has a stronger flavor and is a little less sweet than Sprite.

Whether Starry could stand up to Sprite, Sierra Mist, or even 7-UP (Pepsico's other lemon-lime soda offering) remains to be seen, however.

Standard and sugar-free versions of Starry are now available in grocery stores nationwide.