Guy Tried To Roll Into Saudi Arabia With Liquor Strapped To His Butt


Those drunk nights that leave you hating yourself in the morning don't exist much in Saudi Arabia due to its prohibition laws, so unless you try to smuggle in alcohol with El Chapo-like precision, the country is as dry as the desert in, well, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian customs posted a photo on Twitter of a man who was coming in from Bahrain, trying to sneak in a bunch of alcohol under his thawb by stitching it to a pair of pants, and taping it to his butt and calves.



Customs noticed the guy was walking kind of funny, so they stopped him, searched him and revealed his booze-up body.

Customs said the guy had 14 bottles of alcohol in total, some of which looks like Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey, a couple bottles of vodka and some travel-sized alcohol, all neatly strapped to himself.



Saudi Arabia doesn't mess around when it comes to alcohol as those caught in the past have been publicly whipped and beaten, in addition to jail time, according to Daily Mail.