These Massive Filipino Food Platters Are Fit For A Few Feasts

There's some spots where you know your big appetite would do some damage along with a few friends. Count Salo-Salo Kitchen in West Covina, California as one of those spots.


Why? Well it all starts with their massive Filipino food platters. "Salo-Salo" translates to feast in English, so you already know you're at the right place. The feast portion reveals itself gloriously in the seven massive Filipino food platters that they offer on the menu. Portions are huge, the food is eye-catching and delectable and the platters they're served up on are big enough to be a warrior's shield.

In this visit, I chose my three favorites, which are the Seafood Kamayan platter, the Crispy Meat platter, and the Breakfast Platter — all of which deliver in ponderosity. Word of the day, friends.

So if you're in the mood for some Filipino deliciousness and have a few friends that agree with the notion, then mob on over to Salo-Salo Kitchen in West Covina, California to satisfy yourselves plenty.