Ronald McDonald As The Clown from 'It' Will Give You Nightmares

Admittedly, I've been sorta creeped out by Ronald McDonald ever since childhood. This parody didn't make me feel any better about the McDonald's mascot.

YouTube channel RackaRacka decided to reimagine Ronald as the iconic and frightening clown Pennywise from the recent movie remake of Steven King's classic horror novel, It. To do so, they uploaded a video of their version of the trailer for the film, but also dressed up as Ron and made the entire focus of the trailer around the iconic clown and McDonald's.


It turns out that Mr. McDonald works surprisingly well as Pennywise, much to the delight of fans. Many of the comments on the video have even been asking the comedy channel to make a full version of the movie.

Honestly, I wouldn't be down with that happening. The trailer alone is gonna give me nightmares throughout the weekend. Isn't it enough that we're haunted by the guilt of eating McDonald's in the first place?