Rival Chef Made 100 Fake Reservations At Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant To Screw Up the Grand Opening


It seems even world-famous chefs aren't immune to trolls, as Gordon Ramsay experienced, recently. The celebrity chef prepped his staff for the grand opening of his London-based Heddon Street Kitchen only to discover an almost empty restaurant. Of the 140 reservations booked, only 40 showed up to the restaurant, leaving 100 reservations unaccounted for.

Chef Ramsay told Jonathan Ross in a recent interview that this led to a depressingly slow opening for the restaurant. The chef said that his staff will now have to personally reconfirm every reservation to avoid this happening again.


While Ramsay did not specify who he believed to be behind this, he has strongly hinted that a competitor is the culprit. One doesn't become such a high-profile chef without making a few enemies.