Meet 'Rise', A Gourmet Biscuits And Donuts Breakfast Chain Looking To Take Over The US

Biscuits and donuts are two of the superstars of the breakfast world. One, predominantly paired with savory, has a fluffy, buttery base that just screams out "comfort food." The other is an easily-Instagrammable sugar rush that looks just as good as it tastes.

Putting the two morning powerhouses together under one roof is like pairing up Kevin Durant with Steph Curry. Rise Biscuits and Donuts, a North Carolina breakfast chain that's looking to spread across the country, is the ultimate proof of this.


'Rise', who has already opened fifteen stores in five years of business, is looking to add 130 over the next year, with 4-6 definitely coming in the first quarter of 2018. Their growth plans aren't stopping there, though, as Eater reports that the breakfast chain has struck a deal with Fransmart, the same firm that brought Five Guys and The Halal Guys into the national spotlight. 'Rise' hopes to get to 1,000 total locations nationwide, or more, as a result of this agreement.

Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe calls their newest partner a "Southern approach to a doughnut concept," and says that the biscuits, along with the mouthwatering sandwiches Rise makes with them, "are the thing that separates it from the pack."


That combination definitely makes sense, as a local SoCal breakfast player, Grizzby's Biscuits and Donuts, has been able to pull off the same thing. In less than a year of official business, Grizzby's has quickly grown onto the breakfast scene with the same one-two punch as 'Rise' has, amassing over 5,000 Instagram followers in that short time span. ('Rise', in comparison, has a thousand less followers in the years they've been around).

The gourmet combination of high-quality biscuits and donuts that 'Rise' offers is sure to be a hit as the breakfast chain looks to take over the United States the same way that Five Guys and The Halal Guys have in recent memory. We'll be keeping a sharp eye on them as they continue to grow in the years to come.