Rick and Morty Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream Pop-Up

Rick and Morty fans are currently sitting in a cartoon-less limbo as there has been no official word on when the show returns for a fourth season. In May, Adult Swim announced that the widely popular animated series had been renewed for 70 episodes over an uncertain amount of seasons. Good news for sure, but co-creator Justin Roiland says that fans would be waiting quite a bit for the new season.

In that meantime, diehards of the show will have something sweet to nibble on in the form of an ice cream pop up.


Co-founder of Afters Ice Cream Scott Nghiem joined The Katchup podcast, Thursday, and revealed that the immensely viral ice cream chain will soon be doing a Rick and Morty collaboration.

Nghiem mentions this at the 53:32 mark of the episode.


Those who follow Afters Ice Cream will know that they recently did something similar with Hello Kitty. This pairing of cartoon cat and technicolor ice cream included two limited edition flavors served in an exclusive Hello Kitty cup.

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Following the podcast, Nghiem added that the collaboration will include both in-store installations and Rick and Morty-themed merchandise. He also reveals that the Pasadena location of Afters Ice Cream will have an exclusive experience center and flavor based on a dimension-hopping alcoholic scientist and his overly anxious grandson.


This fan-made video of Rick and Morty describing the pleasures of ice cream sums up our excitement for this collaboration perfectly.

Rick and Morty lovers can expect the pop-up collaboration to arrive sometime within the next three months. Wonder if any of the new flavors will involve pickles or Szechuan Sauce?