These Thanksgiving Recipes Turn 2022's Biggest Food Trends into Turkey Form

Credit: Reynolds Wrap


At the end of every year, media outlets do their year-end wrap-up of all the newsworthy moments and pop culture trends of the year. Well, Reynolds Wrap has decided to get in on the fun (because it is a wrap-up).

Reynolds Wrap's #TrendingTurkeys highlights three food trends that fed the Internet (in particular TikTok) this year. 

First up, the It’s Corn! Turkey. You may have just gotten the song out of your head, but this gobbler is dedicated to that adorable 7-year-old who warmed our hearts and our ears with his love of the signature cereal grain. This turkey is crusted with cornmeal, stuffed with popcorn, and served with corn-flavored cereal and buttered corn on the cob.


The next one is for all you hosts with the most who went all in on butter boards. The Turkey Board features all your favorite sides (mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, etc.) arranged on a board, charcuterie-style. You use slices of turkey for dipping like an appetizer. How… appetizing.  

Last but not least, the summer snack trend that likely made nonas everywhere mad — pasta chips. Inspired by this air fryer creation, the Pasta Chip Turkey is a cheesy, crunchy entree seasoned with an Italian-inspired rub, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and topped with pasta chips. It’s served with a marinara sauce and/or whipped ricotta dip.  

From hot dogs to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Reynolds Wrap began creating these unique turkey recipes in 2017.