Restaurant Surprises Blind Patron with a Braille 'Happy Birthday' Dessert


"I'll never forget this moment." That was the caption for Natalie Te Paa's now viral TikTok video that captures the lengths a London restaurant went to to make her birthday dinner special.

Te Paa, a singer-songwriter based in New Zealand, was born legally blind. Her and a friend, Claire Sara, decided to pop in to Luciano by Gino D’Acampo after catching a show for dinner. Sara then informed restaurant staff that it was her friend's birthday.


The TikTok clip then reveals Te Paa being served a dessert of melted chocolate that spells out "happy birthday" in Braille. Her friend Claire then lovingly guides her hand over the treat, revealing the celebratory message.

"No freaking way!" exclaimed Te Paa, delighted by the thoughtful surprise.

The clip then ends with a heartfelt caption: "So take heart despite how broken the world is right now … true kindness still exists."

Photo: Claire Sara/ Caters News Agency