Quesarrito -- The Burrito and Quesadilla Bastard Child from Freebird's

For select Freebird's World Burrito loyalists, you might already be familiar with ordering up your burrito "Quesarrito" style. For those who've only caught on to the Freebirds deliciousness post-expansion, certain Freebirds locations are adding a new 'style' that you'll want to be aware of which involves wrapping your burrito with a quesadilla.

The new style, should you choose to accept, will be available for an additional 45 cents at participating location. Initial marketing materials surrounding the 'Quesarrito' burrito didn't fare so well, as a fair amount of customers were led to believe that the entire burrito costed $0.45 when in reality, it was an upcharge to "Quesarrito your Burrito."


The confusion was apparently so notable that the chain issued a statement via their social networks to clear the air.

Quesadilla-wrapped burritos, is this the future?