How To Make Chocolate Cake Like A Prison Inmate [WATCH]


As you can imagine, putting together a normal meal while locked up in prison can be a little challenging. You don't exactly have access to a kitchen, you can't just run to the grocery store to pick up your ingredients, and prison riots could delay your meal quite a bit.

Inmates do have access to buying snacks and such at the commissary, leading to some creative concepts.

As we learned from rapper Ja Rule's jail experience, some odd food concoctions can bring real joy, as he used to love putting together what he called a Prison casserole consisting of ramen, sweet and sour sauce and jack mackerel.

Sounds delicious, right?


Well, here's something that inmates enjoy for dessert and is fairly easy to make.

The Correctional Cake consists of Oreo cookies, M&M's and peanut butter. With no real cooking utensils, you have to use things like trash bags and sharpened spoon handles.

It might not be Cake Boss-worthy, but it gets the job done. Check out the recipe and process below: