Rapper Ja Rule Gives His Favorite Prison Casserole Hack [WATCH]

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Multi-Platinum rapper Ja Rule, famous for his beef with 50 Cent and collaborations with hip hop princesses of the early 2000s, explained one of his favorite recipes from his stints in prison.

In an interview with First We Feast, Ja said he had a noodle casserole hack where he'd take ramen noodles, some jack mackerel and mix them with some sketchy sweet and sour sauce.

Rule received a two-year prison sentence back in 2010 after pleading guilty to attempted possession of a weapon. In 2011, he received an additional two-year sentence for tax evasion.


So the man had some time to cook up his own recipes while locked away, and living the thug life.

Check out the interview below as he eats some spicy chicken wings and tries to explain the recipe with his mouth on fire at 2:17: