Prank Callers Convince Idiot Burger King Employees To Destroy The Restaurant

If somebody calls you and tells you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? Well, if you work at Burger King, then the answer is "Yeah, probably."

In the infamous party city of San Luis Obispo, one group of Burger King employees fell victim to a prank phone call that was both nefarious and hilarious. The callers convinced the dimwitted employees that there was a gas leak in the restaurant and it was filling up fast. According to report, the caller then told the employees to smash all the windows in order to help ventilate the place.


The employees then started smashing the windows, for fear that their lives might be at stake, and also because they're idiots. While they didn't destroy every single window like they were told, they did take out most of them before realizing what they were doing.


Police eventually arrived on the scene, discovering that the situation stemmed from a prank call, and then informing the employees that if ever there was a gas leak, the fire department would have no way of knowing first. They are not, in fact, magicians, sorcerers or wizards with powers of omniscience.

This isn't the first time Burger King employees have done something foolish. Last week, a Burger King employee was fired, then subsequently stole every single chicken nugget from the store.

Photo Credit: YouTube, Children 4 Horses