Little Girl Uses Pokemon GO to Lure People to Her Fundraiser Snack Bar


With all these horror stories about people falling off cliffs and getting mugged over the new sensation, Pokemon GO, it's nice to hear a heartwarming story for once.

A young girl in Colorado used the game to lure in Pokemon GO players to her makeshift snack bar, and actually donated the money to a the local Humane Society.

The interactive Pokemon game has a feature that periodically allows you to "Lure" the little monsters to a specific area. With players desperate to capture these Pokemon, they flock to those locations.


Reddit user omgwowza posted that his little sister sold Sun Chips, lemonade, soda and water to Pokemon GO trainers passing by.

No total amount raised was posted to the Reddit thread, but she still gets an A for effort.

We need more people like this and less people getting hurt while playing.