Pizza Hut's New Honey Sriracha Wings, Because Sriracha


Looks like the sriracha game is still going strong, much to our surprise. Pizza Hut has just added Honey Sriracha Wings to their Wing Street menu. It's looking like practically every fast food chain has gone through a sriracha phase at some point now.

Replacing the Lemon Pepper Wings in the Pizza Hut menu, the Honey Sriracha Wings boast a "sweet honey taste [and a] delicious spicy kick of sriracha." Fans of sweet and savory wings should take particular note of this one.


The wings are available in traditional bone-in, breaded bone-in and bone-out. They can be ordered in batches of 8 ($7), 16 ($13), 24 ($18) and 48 ($32). Hardcore sriracha fans, or wing aficionados in general, can find them at participating Pizza Hut locations.