Pizza Hut Introduces New 'Melts'

A pizza party made for one used to be solved at Pizza Hut by a personal pan pizza. But The Hut is now innovating that category by giving solo meals something new with the new Melts.

Pizza Hut's Melts are made up of two slices of Pizza Hut’s signature Thin N’ Crispy crust that's chockfull of toppings and cheese, folded over, baked until melty, and accompanied by a lineup of dipping sauces. Melts will come in the following options:


  • Pepperoni Lover’s with marinara dipping sauce
  • Buffalo Chicken with buffalo dipping sauce
  • Chicken Bacon Parmesan with ranch dipping sauce
  • Meat Lover’s with marinara dipping sauce

Go big and go solo. Pizza Hut Melts are available now for $6.99 at participating Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide.