This Guy Built A Piano Out Of Chopsticks And Wrote The Most Hair-Raising Song On It [WATCH]

There was a time when chopsticks were only used for devouring food and catching flies, but it's 2016 and dudes are getting wild out here with their utensil creativity.

Sami Elu created a working piano out of chopsticks and the music he plays with it sounds awe-inspring.


He doesn't play that basic Chopsticks song you learned the first week of piano class, he's out in Japan dropping beats hotter than Tory Lanez's album.

Elu is known for building instruments out of recycled material, but he's not just a master craftsman, he's also a music composer, which means he's not just building these dope instruments, he's writing songs using the very instruments he invents. Hence, the fire song he wrote on his Chopsticks Piano, called 'For My People.'

It'll definitely be the the most soothing and relaxing thing you'll hear all day. Yeah, all that emotion coming from chopsticks.