Wash, Reuse, Rewrite on These Epic Beer Bottle Labels


When it comes to marking beer bottles, the task can be quite tricky. GarageMonk has provided a solution to both home brewers and people who perpetually pick up the wrong beer bottle. Made in California, these sweat proof, ice proof, and hand-washable beer bottle labels ensure your home brews are labelled correctly and your friends don’t swoop your beer.

Label designer Drew Dougherty aka 'Drewski,' creates labels for both the body and neck of the bottle which come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Just use a Sharpie or dry erase marker to claim your brew and voila.

While GarageMonk isn’t the only one to toy with artistic beer labeling, their special vinyl sticker material allows the label to stick -- not just look pretty and subsequently fall off.


We foresee a lot of drinking games being enhanced by this invention.

Homebrew labels, 24 ct, $24 @GarageMonk