Pepsi Celebrates Christmas With Cake-Flavored Soda In Japan

As the holidays draw closer, we're seeing tons of cool new flavors dropping ahead of the winter festivities. You can bet your bottom dollar that Pepsi's new cake cola is one of the flavors we would love to wet our tongues with.

Kotaku reports that Pepsi is launching a cake-flavored beverage in Japan they're calling Pepsi Christmas Cola.

So what's Christmas have to do with cake? The soda is based off the Japanese custom of celebrating the Christmas season with a traditional sponge cake that's covered in whipped cream, and stuffed and garnished with strawberries.

Fellow Foodbeast and veritable mack daddy of food science Constantine Spyrou was flabbergasted at the thought of cake-flavored cola, having just one question:



For the holidays, man. Get into the spirit.

Pepsi Christmas Cola will be available throughout the region beginning Nov. 21. Any readers based in Japan be sure to send us a care package! We'd love to try some.