People Waiting In Line For Cronuts Ignore A Dead Body

Everybody knows how delicious a cronut is, that should be common knowledge by now. If you don't know, please stop reading this right now and go try one. I'll save your spot in the article. Well, go on then.

Soooo, how was it? I know, right!? Ok, now that you know how amazing they are, this story might have a little more meaning.

A small bakery in SoHo responsible for creating the cronut had a line of people eager to try the local treats. They were so excited for their baked goods that they didn't even notice the man slouched over on the bench right next to them, according to CBS New York.

It gets worse.



After the medics showed up and eventually put his body in a bag, a majority of the people waiting in line mere inches away reportedly stayed in line.

One woman visiting from Indiana didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with that. "I just heard that they're so good, so might as well just wait," she said.

Another bystander said he would have left, as it would have been "too much of an experience" to deal with just for a cronut.


It was later reported that there was no suspicious activity involved in the man's passing.

So what would you have done? Would you have waited for a cronut?

Photo Credit: Tia Nakai, Dominique Ansel