Panda Express Releases New Limited-Edition Sizzling Shrimp Dish & Cast-Iron Mini Wok

Photo: Panda Express


Now available as a limited-time menu offering at Panda Express is the Sizzling Shrimp. The new entrée is packed with juicy shrimp, combined with fresh-cut veggies, and topped with tangy sauce that’s sizzled. Along with being sweet, savory, and spicy, it’s also pescatarian and lent-friendly, which means it’s flavorful and healthy. 

To celebrate the release on Thursday, March 9, those who visit select locations and order the Sizzling Shrimp will also receive a limited-edition Panda Express mini wok made by Lodge. The wok is only available while supplies last. Take it home for reheating dishes or even making Panda-inspired dishes. 

Head over to Panda Express today to give the new Sizzling Shrimp a try, or mark March 9 on the calendar to get your hands on one of the limited-edition mini woks.