Packaged Ice Cream Sandwiches in a Cone


It's 2014. You'd think we'd be flying around like the Jetsons in space cars and traveling back in time to the 14th century for a rustic vacation by now. But no. Instead we have these delicious ice cream sandwich cones to make up for it.

According to hungry redditors, these icy treats hail from Japan and can be found at nearly every convenience store. The familiar cookie is ditched for a flaky, light shell similar to the batter used to make ice cream cones.


They come in a neverending list of sweet variations. Here's a peek of some of the local offerings, from top to bottom: vanilla with chocolate, red bean paste (azuki) and vanilla, chocolate, and green tea.

ice cream sandwich in a cone


Some also come in playful shapes, like this fish-shaped ice cream sandwich:


Picthx OIP

For those lucky enough to have Japanese and Korean food stores nearby in the States, you might be able to swoop some goodies there. However, expect the price to be 3 times higher than those in Japan.