Outback Just Loaded Their Bloomin' Onion In The Best Possible Way


You can't go to Outback Steakhouse without getting their iconic Bloomin' Onion. We actually think people associate the popular side dish with the restaurant more than steak. Well, Outback's adding a new take on their classic plate of fried onions. They're loading them up.


The new Loaded Bloomin' Onion is a regular Bloomin' Onion topped with Loaded Aussie Cheese Fries. Those are topped with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese with a sprinkle of chopped up bacon. They're served with Outback's bloom sauce and a spicy ranch dressing.

Outback's new item will only be available for a limited time during the restaurant chain's "Big Australia" promotion. Other new items include an 18-oz Center Cut Sirloin, Béarnaise Jumbo Shrimp-topped Filet and a Giant Crab-stuffed Lobster Tail.