Oreo Is Launching Their Own Chocolate Bars, Here’s What We Know


Oreos are the bacon of the cookie world, with the ability to be mixed and mashed with pretty much anything, so it only makes sense that they come in chocolate bar form.

Milka and Oreo are getting together to bring a couple of bars to the US by January 2017.

They're going to have a classic 3.5-ounce Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar with bits of the cookie inside, and a larger 10.5-ounce Big Crunch Bar that will have a layer of cookie, a couple layers of creme, surrounded by crunchy milk chocolate.


There has been something similar to this in Europe, at least in Greece, as Lacta and Oreo (both owned by Mondelez International) collaborated in the past to make a chocolate bar.


Wish they were available nationwide for Christmas time, but we can at least jump into 2017 with Oreo bars staring us in the face as we check out at the grocery store.