Oatmeal Lattes Are Hacking Breakfast

Prior to the cultural upheaval known as my move to Southern California, there have only been three reasons for me to eat and sip from the same cup/bowl: a refreshing root beer float, a bowl of sugary cereal, or a heartwarming helping of soup. Suddenly, I had to get used to my milkshakes arriving with spoons in them and requiring industrial vacuum cleaner suction in order to drink them.

The latest curveball thrown my way is known as the oatmeal latte, a one-stop breakfast or choking hazard, depending on who you ask. Frothed milk cooks the instant oatmeal which is then covered with two espresso shots (technically making these concoctions oatmeal latte macchiatos) and served in Central Perk/Luke’s Diner-sized coffee mugs with, yes, a spoon. Some coffee shops go nuts with almonds and raisins, while others simply top the final product with granola.

Cafe Descartes Oatmeal Latte 


Oatmeal lattes first surfaced about a decade ago thanks to early fitness bloggers, but we were living in a pre-I-must-share-every-experience society, so we shrugged it off and kept slurping our 8,000 calorie frappuccinos. These health-conscious lattes made their first known appearance on a menu at Chicago’s Café Descartes, but Cuppa Joe in Colorado’s famous ski-topia, Breckinridge, currently holds the torch for the chunky beverage.

There’s certainly an appeal to getting your caffeine fix and filling your hangry stomach simultaneously, but just make sure you sit down to a table or desk when eating this.


The oats might be creamy and delicate, but the fixings are poised to attack your face in a moving vehicle.

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