S'morenuts: How To Make Nutella S'mores With Glazed Donuts

donut smores

We've seen S'more Frappuccinos, S'more mochi and even S'mores bacon strips, but I bet you've never seen S'mores like this.

Oh, Bite It just showed what happens when you mash together one of our favorite breakfast treats with one of the most beloved campfire treats, and it looks heavenly.

We've gotten used to the simple recipes from Oh, Bite It, but this one's probably the easiest. All you need is some glazed donuts, some toasted marshmallows, or marshmallow cream and gobs of Nutella. You cut the donut in half and just stuff it with marshmallows and Nutella. There's no specific measurements, just fill the donut to your heart's desire.


This probably works with any donut and you can add your favorite melted chocolate to it, so go crazy, folks.

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