Starbucks Unleashes New S'More-Flavored Frappuccino


From S'more Oreos to Deep fried s'mores, it seems that these camp fire treats are being shoved down our throats and it's hard to be mad at it.

Starting Tuesday, April 28, Starbucks is joining the mix with its new S'more-flavored coffee. The S'more Frappuccino will be available both in-store and for retail, as there will also be a bottled version that can be bought at your local grocery store to take on the go.


The coffee powerhouse's new drink will consist of a marshmallow-flavored whipped cream base, topped with milk chocolate sauce, a graham cracker syrup, and topped off with even more marshmallow whipped cream and crushed graham crackers. The bottled version will have a similar flavor, just won't look as pretty.

It might not provide the nostalgia of warming up your chocolate and marshmallow-filled graham crackers by a campfire, but it'll do.

h/t+picthx Mashable