Now You Can Buy Potato Chips Made Out of Beef Jerky


They're called "Cherkees." Yes, really.

Designed to recreate the taste of beef jerky without the annoying, incessant chewing, Cherkees are a "hand crafted," low fat and high-protein snack comprised of real bits of jerky and real bits of potato. They also kind of look like scabs. (… =/)



We first discovered the odd little hybrid back in 2011, when they still resembled brown pieces of crispy seaweed. Now, three years later, they're finally for sale online. Available in Cracked Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Teriyaki, and Barbecue, the not-so-chippy chips are actually a bit thicker and more like tortilla chips than potato chips, according to Gizmodo, though we imagine they might also feel like extra crispy slices of pepperoni.

Order yours for about $6 a bag on Or don't. Because, you know. Scabs.

PicThx Gizmodo