New Study Reveals Why Alcohol Drinkers Will Love Coffee Even More


There’s now even more good news about drinking coffee, especially if you enjoy a good cocktail every now and then … or more, if we are being really honest.

We all know that our liver takes a beating when we drink alcohol. Now, a new study shows that compounds in coffee help to reduce damage and inflammation in the liver.


The study, published in the journal of Hepatology, surveyed 27,793 people in between 1999-2010 and found that coffee, even decaffeinated coffee, has some interesting benefits — researchers found that the healthier people who drank coffee had healthier livers. The study explains that coffee intake is inversely proportional to liver enzymes, meaning that the more coffee you drink, the less enzymes you have in your liver.

For the record, liver enzymes are bad and often associated with liver damage or inflammation — the kind you get when you have a habit of sipping the sauce.

So if you find yourself reading this while drinking coffee, go ahead and raise a mug to your liver. This one’s for you.


h/t: Mic

Originally written by Sarah Lesnar for NextShark