How To Naturally Make Blue Rice Without Food Coloring


The rice color wheel usually doesn't get too crazy, but this Smurf-like rice brings a new option to your typical-looking rice, and it's all natural.

Chef Davy Daveux made the first ever natural blue rice as he decided to forgo the food coloring and use Butterfly Pea Flower tea to give it the royal blue tint instead.

Chef Daveux found that the Butterfly Pea Flower tea actually did the job as he boiled six tea bags and let the color form in the water. He then put some rice in a rice cooker, added the blue water, and out came the Cookie Monster-looking rice.


The innovative chef took his blue rice to the next level by making some sushi that ended up looking like some nifty PBR coasters, but the color in it all is pretty mesmerizing.

Check out his whole recipe video below and try out the natural blue rice for yourself: