The Musubi Madness Pop-Up Was A Fitting Tribute To SPAM® Innovation

Created in partnership with SPAM® 

SPAM® products have won over our palates since forever, but over the last three weekends it took over LONO in Hollywood, California. During the Musubi Madness pop-up, LONO was turning out innovative SPAM®-based dishes in both classic and new ways. Here’s a review of what specialties were being served:

Build-Your-Own-SPAM® Musubi Bar

There’s a popular saying that says “the world is your oyster.” This was like that, but with musubis. The build-your-own musubi bar featured over 20 ingredients from around the world, like queso fresco, vermicelli noodles, and garlic rice — all enabling delectable SPAM® musubi creations like an American cheeseburger musubi and a Filipino-inspired one with lumpia.


SPAM® Corn Dog

spam corn dog

LONO executive chef David Lespron dipped into his fryer of tricks to create this SPAM® Classic and shrimp dog covered in a furikake batter. Lespron also gave the usual dipping sauce a tropical twist by serving this take on an American classic with banana ketchup.

SPAM® Soft Serve

spam soft serve


SPAM® soft serve could seem out of left field, sure, but fans in attendance definitely took to the creative spin on the cold treat. Using a SPAM®-infused base, this soft serve was topped with caramelized SPAM® pieces, vanilla-braised pineapple, candied nuts, and furikake.

SPAM® Cocktail

What kind of self-respecting meal is served without a drink? Certainly not this one. This feast featured a cocktail consisting of rum, pineapple, Cara Cara orange, and coconut cream. It was served over crushed ice and, naturally, inside a SPAM® can.

If you missed this SPAM® showcase, but want to check out more of the results, or just give yourself a nice dose of FOMO, you can check out the #MusubiMadness tag on Instagram.

Created in partnership with SPAM®