This Escaped Monkey Does Not Care About Your Bills, Will Eat All Your Mail


After a long day at work, all you probably want to do is go home, kick off your shoes and relax. What if, however, you came home and found a monkey going through your mail like a Vegas buffet?

The Town Talk reports that a Florida monkey escaped from its owner's home in Sanford. Upon his freedom, Zeke the Monkey decided he was hungry and went straight for the nearest supply of food: the neighbors' mail.


Yep, when Sanford police arrived at the scene, they discovered Zeke sitting atop of a mailbox chowing down on mail.


As a distraction, probably because mortgages and bills are depressingly dry, the officers gave Zeke a bottle of water to drink from.


When the officers tried to catch him, however, Zeke jumped onto the squad car and pulled some molding off the roof of the vehicle. Sounds like a pretty fun afternoon for the Sanford P.D.

The monkey was finally apprehended when the owner returned home.