Constipated Man Shoves Live Eel Up His Butt To Eat Away Blockage, Here's What Went Wrong

As we've learned as we get older, fiber is essential to our diets. Especially in this line of food-heavy work.

It seems a man in Guangzhou, China needed just a bit more fiber in his lifestyle as he had a pretty bad case of constipation, reports SoraNews.

His solution to this shitty problem? The dude thought it was the best form of treatment to shove a live 20-inch eel up his butt to eat away all of his shit blockage.

Yes, rather than buying laxatives or seeing a physician, he thought it would be a good idea to try this ancient folk remedy he heard about.


Unfortunately, the terrified creature tore through the man's intestines before getting stuck in his midsection.

The man went to the hospital, yet avoided informing doctors of his newfound friend. Imagine their surprise when they ran tests and discovered this dude's "home remedy" just sitting in his stomach. Immediate surgery was needed in order to prevent further harm to the man's life.

Sadly, the eel died while inside the man. He was, however, said to be recovering after the procedure. Check out the recreation of the incident provided by TomoNews in the video above, complete with post-surgery photos.

The takeaway from this? Maybe eat more fiber and shove less eels in your body.